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Your freelance writing success starts here.

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    When was the last time you updated your website? Trade it in for an attractive portfolio that tells employers who you are and shows off your best work.

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    We offer a real advantage in the highly-competitive gig economy. Employers trust us to identify and verify the top 10% of the web’s writing talent.

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    Our private job board connects qualified freelance writers to the jobs they want by vetting our community and removing unqualified competition.

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Becoming a ProWriter Means

Validate your writing skills and gain access to exclusive freelance writing opportunities as well as…

Better Visibility

Your ProWriter profile showcases your relevant work and skills and can be used in lieu of a resume or personal website to build your brand.

Real Recognition

ProWriter is an exclusive community that only accepts the top 10% of the web’s creative talent. If you’re in, that’s you! Wear it with pride.

Competitive Advantage

No more blind emails to employers. Our private job board and vetting process plug you into the jobs you’re interested in and qualified for.

Immediate Credibility

Employers trust ProWriter to help them find better freelancers faster. We verify our members to give employers confidence in their abilities.

Skill Verification

ProWriter members can collect badges over time based on new skills and career milestones, increasing employer trust that you’re right for their job.

Joining A Revolution

ProWriter’s mission is to improve the freelancing experience for writers and employers so you can focus on honing your skills and getting paid.

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All ProWriters can get started for free with our Basic plan. Every ProWriter is required to create a fully developed and verified ProWriter Portfolio before access to job listings and employers under our Plus plan is granted.



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Here are some common questions and answers about how ProWriter works.

Why does my account registration need to be approved?

ProWriter makes a promise to both Writers and Employers that only credible and verified users are engaging on its platform. This means Writer accounts must have their identity and writing abilities verified so Employers can trust the skills and experience of every applicant they receive. Likewise, Employers are vetted to ensure every writing opportunity will be one you can trust.

What can I expect from my ProWriter portfolio?

Your ProWriter portfolio is designed to allow you to not only shine at the ProWriter jobs board, but also to be used as a competitive tool to land premium writing jobs outside of the ProWriter community. Between showcasing article clips, industry competencies, and client reviews, your ProWriter portfolio will help you land the gigs you want.

What do the badges mean and do?

Badges are how ProWriter acknowledges and verifies Writers possessing the competencies, experience, and professionalism that Employers require when searching for qualified talent. Badges are earned and rewarded to Writers as they complete career milestones on their account and showcase their writing skills.

How do I get access to the job board?

The ProWriter Job Board can only be accessed by Verified ProWriters who have opted into the monthly paid ProWriter Plus Membership. In order to become a Verified ProWriter, you must first complete 100% of your ProWriter portfolio. Once complete and approved, you will have the opportunity to opt into the ProWriter Plus Membership and access the ProWriter Job Board.

What types of jobs and companies should I expect to see?

ProWriter attracts Employers of all types and needs. The majority of writing jobs you will find on the ProWriter Job Board are jobs for company blogs, agencies, or niche news sites.

We’d love to answer any questions you have about ProWriter!

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We’d love to answer any questions you have about ProWriter!

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