Freelance Medical Writer


We're looking for a medical writer to contribute to our digital content platform about sexual health and wellness. We want to launch the platform starting with a foundation of robust, educational articles about medical conditions, and how they relate to sex health and wellness. We're currently building a team of contracted writers who can turn around articles quickly, accurately, and within our guidelines for voice, tone, content, length, layout, etc.

The ideal candidate:

Has years of experience writing in the medical/clinical space, for notable digital or printed publications, and can quickly turn around articles that are accurate, easy to read, with a knowledge of best SEO practices.

What you will do: 

  1. Provide written articles about medical conditions and how they health and wellness; explanations of medical conditions, treatments, side effects, based on a provided template and example articles
  2. Complete multiple rounds of text revisions as needed for brand voice/tone, content QA, or SEO.
  3. Write articles that are medically accurate, but easy enough to understand.

Bonus points (desired, not required):

  1. A large professional network and social following
  2. Eye-catching bylines
  3. PhD or other medical qualifications


  1. 5 years of professional writing
  2. Samples of work

Job Type: 


Next steps:

Please submit your resume, cover letter, and samples of your work. If you're a fit, we'll reach out to schedule your first assignment. From there, we can discuss ongoing contract details.


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Copyright ProWriter © 2020. All Rights Reserved

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