Odeon Ventures

Freelance Writer, Psychology

Odeon Ventures is creating a network of informational websites to help students find the right higher education options based on their needs.

Our goal is to offer a comprehensive, easy to navigate, and trusted knowledge base with a community focus to anyone looking to step into a new profession or a degree.

Our core values include user focus, community impact, and high-quality content review to ensure we achieve a positive effect on the way people access information during a course selection. We are looking for colleagues from the student community and expert and professional networks to help us make a difference in the way people make academic and career choices.

Through the development and exposure of specialized knowledge of the highest quality standards, we want to open dialogue on pressing social and academic questions surrounding education.

What will you do?

• Write about a specialized subject, area of research, or study, and industry experience in the field of psychology (clinical and counseling, forensic, industrial and organizational, developmental, public health, marriage, and family therapy, clinical mental health counseling).

• Work with search engine optimization and content teams to identify topics for inclusion in the expert blog and news sections of our websites. These will include but will not be limited to student experience with course selection, life on campus and other aspects of student life, professional experience and practical insights, admission advice, scientific and academic research, and more.

• Make available urgent topics reflecting science and industry trends and/or changes in the specified sector to positively impact readers' knowledge and education choices.

• Support program pages with specializing articles that put the fact into context, translate complex ideas into clear concepts, and inspire debate.

What are we looking for?

• Writing/research experience (at least 2 years).

• Psychology expertise or experience earning psychology degree (any level, studies in progress ok).

• Native English speakers.

• Open to feedback and ability to take direction.

What do we offer?

• Rewarding experience working to improve the state of the education section and people's access to it.

• Authors exposure.

• Flexible REMOTE working arrangements.

• Ongoing collaboration.

• Competitive compensation.

You will be working with a team located in Central Europe (Czech Republic, Malta, Cyprus

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