Writers for PLANT BLOG Needed!


Dear Plant Enthusiasts,

Are you interested in writing high-quality articles for an established plant/gardening blog?

Then you certainly came to the right place!

Your main job will be to write engaging content about specific plants and houseplants.

You will be writing response posts that answer very specific problems (How much water does plant XYZ need? Why is my hibiscus not flowering? How to grow bougainvillea from seeds?) and plant care articles that give detailed info on the care of a specific plant/houseplant (Sansevieria Plant Care Guide, Aloe Vera Plant Care Guide), etc.

PAYMENT is 30 dollars for 1000 words.

We will start with a test article. If this test article lives up to our expectations, we would expect about 2-4 articles per week.

Please only apply for this job if your English is on a NATIVE level.

Also, knowledge about houseplants and plants is a must for this position!

Looking forward to receiving your application!

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