Experienced Real Estate and Real Estate Finance Content/Blog/Article Writer.


Experienced Real Estate and Real Estate Finance Content/Blog/Article Writer.

We are looking for a content writer(s) with experience in Real Estate and Real Estate Finance, who is willing to expand his/her knowledge by researching/learning about Residential Construction Loans.

Though our site, Construction Loan Center, has a narrow focus, the subject matter can be approached from many angles. Click on the “Articles” section of the site to see examples.

You will be developing concepts/approaches and writing 750 to 2000 word articles for publication as guest posts in high-end websites and from time to time reworking/improving our website and/or writing for our “Article’s” section.

  • We will own the articles you write for us.
  • You will be able to attach your name and bio.
  • We will supply some ideas for target keywords. We have created a bookmark list of over 150 articles written on major websites that will be available to you in a categorized manner, to begin with, but will expect you to come up with creative ideas/approaches.
  • Articles must be written for the reader, not the search engines.
  • The structure of the articles must emphasize targeted keywords rather than repeating keywords. Highest quality writing worthy of being qualified for Google news.
  • A creative approach to the subject matter and the highest quality of writing will be expected.


In your response please share:

• Your experience.

• The rate at which you expect to get paid.

• At least two real estate/mortgage related samples of your work.

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