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Freelance Writer

Our copywriter’s main job is to write persuasive, often sales-oriented, copy. Successful copywriting encourages people to take action. It requires creativity, excellent writing skills and an ability to meet tight deadlines. Copywriters must be able to collaborate with teams of editors, creative directors and account managers; they also interact with clients, pitch ideas, receive feedback and revise their work.


• Writing perfect, pleasing copy that will engage the reader

• Receiving feedback and using it to grow and improve as a copywriter

• Understanding client specifications to craft copy that is on brand

• Working with an art director to devise creative strategies

• Keeping copy consistent and identifiable for each client

• Producing creative ideas for innovative campaigns

Position Requirements

Bachelor, 1 to 2 Years work experience

• The ability to think creatively and translate ideas into copy

• Experience in writing strong, succinct copy that is grammatically correct

• A flexible approach and willingness to adapt ideas to the needs of clients

• The ability to meet deadlines and work in a pressurized environment

• Great organizational skills

• An eye for detail and a desire for perfection

• Strong research skills that ensure all copy is correct and accurate

• A passion for writing and the willingness to learn from other creative professionals

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