Content Writer Needed to Write Article About Paid Search Traffic


Please write an article about the below topic and bear in mind the other information in the description below.  There is a potential that you will be hired on an ongoing basis to write articles like this for us!

**Topic**: How to tell if paid search is having impact on direct or organic traffic

**About Us:** We are a B2B software company aiming to help users easily access cross-platform data, create reports, and gain actionable insights.

**Purpose:** We are aiming to position ourselves as a thought leader in the marketing and sales automation space and ultimately drive users to our site who search for are interested in learning more topics relevant to their jobs and our product offering.

**Research**: Expectation is that you will research the topic online and produce original content. Feel free to use whatever sources you see fit. Please provide citations (links are fine).

**Length**: Suggested range is 500 - 1,500 words

**Format**: Please submit as a Google Doc

**Pay**: $20 flat rate

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