Arielle Executive

Killer Business Journalist


We're looking for a professional business journalist with a strong track record of covering the following topics:

  • HR
  • recruitment / talent acquisition
  • job search
  • remote work

You'll be writing op-ed style blog posts, at the rate of about 2-4 per month. Each piece will need to be between 1300 and 2000 words.

To be clear:

  • We're NOT looking for a "content writer" who writes empty, mediocre fluff for "SEO purposes".
  • Similarly, we're NOT looking for someone with an average skillset. Hint: if your hooks tend to mention "unprecedented change" or the "daunting" nature of today's world, your writing is probably average.

Instead, we're looking for a professional business journalist with a demonstrated, sustained track record of writing op-eds for mainstream business publications.

Are we a good fit?

  • You've written for general 1st/2nd tier publishers The Atlantic, AFR and FastCompany - or 1st/2nd tier industry publications like Human Resources Director, HRM Online or FlyingSolo.
  • You enjoy writing well. You're not satisfied if the piece doesn't live up to your own standard of excellence.
  • For you, writing is both an opportunity to create art and to explore ideas.
  • You have original, intelligent thoughts and opinions that are of interest to mature businesspeople.
  • Your first draft is 80-90% of the way there.
  • Your opinions ooze commercial acumen, which you obtained either through a career in business or in journalism.

To apply, please provide:

  • Links to 3 published, bylined examples of your work.
  • Your rate.
  • A link to your LinkedIn profile, if you have one.
  •  Name of an editor who you've worked for (we will not contact them without your permission).

If you can't provide ALL of the above, we're not a good fit for now.

Thank you for your interest.


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