Timothy Thomas Limited

Stocks and FOREX Trading Writer Needed



Who I'm Looking For:

I'm looking for a native English speaker **your English must be your 1st language** to write both long-form posts about stocks and FOREX trading and investing as well as short (800 words), weekly summary posts.

I want the writer to produce quality content that teaches people about topics likes moving averages, candlesticks, indicators, risk, chart patterns, technical trading, money management, trading psychology etc.

You **must** have written posts before on these topics and you must be able to prove this.

What I Can Offer:

This isn't going be to be a full-time position however, I can offer regular work for the right person who proves themselves. I'm aiming for one new article on my site, timthomas.co per week.

So just to recap, English must be your first language and you must be able to show previous work on the same subject. If your example work isn't written as a native speaker would write it, I'm sorry but I'll have to ignore the application.

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