Presto Media

Blogger (SEO, SaaS, quizzes, various industries)


Presto Media is a digital content agency that helps SaaS businesses scale quality SEO content, blog posts, and video production, and we are looking for writers of all experience levels in various niches to join our growing network of freelancers.

Currently, we are prioritizing writers with experience in the following areas (but encourage any interested to apply):

  • Template creation with pro-tip guidance (industries of business, law, finance, real estate, and personal use, examples include "how to write a freelancer contract" or "how to craft a business plan")
  • Long-form SEO-optimized "explainer" blog posts (2,500 words) on topics similar to the above
  • Short-form, 1,000-word SEO-optimized journalistic content on various topics of interest
  • 30-item quizzes with images

FAQs about working with Presto:

The company has changed a lot over the years in terms of our structure, markets served, and client base. Here are some answers to FAQs we frequently receive:

  • There is no set quota for Presto Media. Writers are encouraged to stay active but to otherwise work as much or as little as they want
  • Good team atmosphere (you work with editors closely, and we all have each other's backs). We provide basic training on best content practices, something sorely missing from the market. We also manage client relationships. All you have to do is write.
  • Competitive pay based on experience (entry-level work is closer to $0.05 CPW, but some of the projects above can get up to $0.20 CPW depending on requirements and experience needed. Payouts are issued on the 1st and 15th of each month.



Visit and complete the application.

There’s a section titled Write a few paragraphs to introduce yourself. This is your cover letter; make sure you use that section wisely and help us get to know you better. Brief, one-word or one-sentence answers to this question will invalidate the application.

Confirm that you are a native-english speaking writer, based in the U.S. (applications from Canada, UK, and others may still be considered).

Include at least 3 samples, preferably bylined, per niche you are experienced in, OR denote that you’re a generalist and send us your highest quality samples.

Let us know if you have other content skills or specialties as well, even if we’re not looking for those right now!

If you want to be notified in the future of new gigs and opportunities with Presto and our employer partners as they come up, be sure to leave the subscription boxes at the bottom of the application page checked before submitting.

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