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Home-based Freelance Writer (Fulltime)

Cheko is a business that is focused on connecting skilled individuals like you to accomplish tasks for students. If you are interested, please send your resume, TOR, and references’ contact details (phone number of the company or its HR department) to [email protected] Please indicate in the subject what role you are applying for.

You will undergo 2 tests, the first will be a background check of your credentials and the perusal of your academic papers. If you pass this test, we will give you the Cheko Writing Test (CWT). Your submissions for the CWT will be reviewed by our HR personnel. If you past this test, we may schedule an interview with you through google meet or zoom. We may also just accept you after the CWT.

We are a Philippine- based company. All prices will be in Peso and all the times stated will be in the Philippine time. This is WFH and you will be paid per task that you accomplish.

The price usually depends on the workload, the time given, how much you ask for and how much our clients are willing to pay- we always find a deal where both parties are happy. You also have the choice to decline the work if you’re too busy.


1. Latest payment is every Sunday of the week. We will pay when the client is satisfied with the task.

2. Do not start the work without our confirmation.

3. When a deal is closed, we will confirmation that reads: “DEAL CLOSED @[price]” - this is when you may start working.

4. If there is a part of the work that is not complete then deductions based on the uncompleted sections will follow.

5. If you back out 24 hours within a deadline, we will request for 25% of the price that we closed at as a cancellation fee.

Basically, a task will be sent out to you and you will reply to the email with your offers. If we close a deal with you, you will work on it and we will pay you after you have completed the task. We should inform you that this email will also be sent out to other creators. If more than 2 creators accept the task, a creator will be chosen based on the following criteria:

1. The timeliness of their reply

2. Their asking price/counter offer

3. The results of their previous work

4. Who the client chooses

Philippine online payment merchants:

• Gcash



• Unionbank

International online payment merchants:

• Paypal

• WorldRemit

• Transferwise

• Skrill

Thank you so much for taking the time to apply for our company

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