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Video Game Enthusiast Writers Needed ASAP


We are looking for some serious gamers that want to contribute to our growing portfolio of gaming/fan enthusiasts sites. We are NOT looking for people who can write and just ‘research’ games, we’re looking for dedicated gaming experts who want to write!

We are really looking for writers in these areas:

-- Friday Nights at Freddy's (FNaF)

-- Roblox Experts

-- Gaming Gear writers

-- Conan Exiles experts

Please tell me if you have any experience in these topics!

Our contributors are a big part of our editorial team and help us shape the brand, tone, voice, and personality of each site. If you do not have niche experience, you will not be considered for these roles. Absolutely no ghostwriters!

Please tell us your top games, gaming skills, what you are MOST skilled in when applying.

Skills needed:

-- Content writing experience preferred

-- Positive attitude and willingness to go above and beyond to produce unique and eye-catching content (Not just Google Research and SEO tweaking)

-- Must be able to demonstrate subject matter expertise in specific niche area before hire!

-- Interview experience in the gaming universe is a bonus

-- Real-world gaming experience is a MUST (share your PSN, Twitch accounts in your application!)

Serious gamers ONLY. We want contributors who are dedicated and passionate about one skill, one game and can offer real insider “on the ground” experience for our readers. When you apply to this posting, make sure you tell us exactly what games and skills you will bring to this role. Generalists will not be accepted. You will have to go through a 15-min interview to assess your skills, passion and niche experience!

About Us

We are a team of passionate content creators building gaming brands from the ground up. Venture 4th Media (our parent company) has 130+ websites and 200+ writers, editors, videographers. We love hiring passionate experts to help us create amazing content and build serious brands from the start! We have a 5-star rating here on Upwork as well!

Compensation will include:

-- Rate per article written (if entirely written)

-- May be opportunities to produce video content in the future

-- Potential for product reviews with reimbursement

How to Apply:

-- Tell me why you want to write about these topics (go ahead and brag)

-- Please be specific on what games you can write on

-- Please list your top 5 games or proudest moments as a gamer

-- Must include relevant writing samples!

-- Include your competitive rate per 2000 word article (on average) -- budget is just a placeholder here, please tell us your desired rate.

-- Include a rate per word if that's easier.

-- Please include links to your published articles that will show attribution

-- Please share a minimum of 2 social media links (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)

-- Please share any relevant gaming links and achievements!

Work can get started right away, so don't hesitate to reach out!

Must be willing to go through a 15-min. 'get to know' you interview so we can meet you and access your niche expertise.

Looking for 2 - 3 writers for this site, looking forward to reviewing your applications.

I will only reach out to writers who follow these instructions and are suitable for this role. Work can be done remotely, but we are going to be partial to niche experts and quality writers.



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