Finance and/or Crypto Writer For YouTube Channel (Full-Time)

We are hiring a researcher/writer for our personal finance YouTube channel and TikTok. Topics include in-depth crypto, stocks, and general finance.


-You will be required to research topics at hand and write in a script format following set guidelines.

You must understand and be able to explain crypto income strategies, NFTs, defi, altcoins, and the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies. You must also understand and be able to explain stock financials, valuation metrics, tax-advantaged accounts, investment strategies, and general concepts

Who We're Looking to Hire:

-Someone with passion in the finance space looking to make the best possible video finance content

-A native or fluent English speaker

-Ability to explain complex topics with nuisance, story-telling, and jest

-Someone with innate curiosity who is willing to spend extra hours researching to make the best content possible

-Someone able to work full-time and give full focus

-Someone with a keen eye for detail

The youtube channel is similar to YT channels of those of Andrei Jikh, Graham Stephan and Meet Kevin.

Our Offer:

-Full-time consistent work on a YouTube channel and cooresponding tik tok and instagram reels

-Competitive pay rates

-Work from home ability


Please apply here:


Please write the word "Yesterday" in the answer field for question #7 to ensure the ability to follow instructions.

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