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Long-Term Article Writer (Funeral, $40/1000 words)


Hello! I'm looking for a writer for a niche website with good English for long-term work on articles about funeral (funeral planning, cremation, burial, etiquette, coping with grief - everything; for example: what color roses for funeral, how long does cremation take, what to say at a celebration of life service).

Budget: $40 per 1000 words. Right now, I have 88 ready-to-go topics, and most likely there will be more. Most articles are 1500 words.

Ideally (but one of points is enough):

  • You are comfortable with death.
  •  In the sense that you will not feel sad after the first 10 articles and leave.
  • You've already written for funeral homes
  •  or niche funeral sites. Send links.
  • You've dealt with funeral planning before.

Please, send:

  1. Your bid per 1000 words.
  2. How many articles you can write per month.
  3. Sample

  5. articles

  6.  about funeral or somehow related topics. I won't read articles about social media or news, for example. But some content showing your research skills - why not. 
  7. Links are preferred instead of .docx.

Thank you!


Article structure:

Of course, I have detailed writing guidelines, but this image can give you a quick idea of it.

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