How To Stay Motivated As A Freelance Writer

Oct 7, 2019   |    By: Dusten Carlson

Ask a professional how to stay motivated as a freelance writer and a variety of suggestions will surface.
Often repeated will be the importance of setting goals, staying focused and, believe it or not, getting away from writing (at least for short periods).

Setting Goals

It’s imperative as a freelance writer to remember that unlike a regular job, no one is watching that tasks get done. Since freelance writing puts that burden on you, it is helpful to start each day (and week) with goals to shoot for.

Keep a list of deadlines for each day, and the days following, and use it to plug away at assignments.

Goals, by the way, can include setting a certain number of new-business pitches each day or week – a different kind of writing that can break the monotony from assignments like writing blogs.

Tips For Staying Focused

Working off a checklist helps establish a routine and a focus on what needs to get done.

When your focus feels like it may be blurring, set reminders about why you’re freelance writing in the first place. Place inspirational quotes or slogans around the workspace; set up alerts to be emailed or texted to yourself. Whatever it takes to establish and maintain that drive that is needed to succeed on your own.

Engaging with other writers can be quite helpful, too, to pick up motivation tips and just for general support.


Supporting your mental and physical health as a freelance writer is a third common denominator to surface when asking someone for freelance writing motivation tips.

Once again consider a routine, such as turning off the mobile phone or other electronic gadgets while you write.

Health-wise, be sure to get enough exercise as doing so forces you to get away from the keyboard and let your mind “recover” from an overflow of word production that freelance writing can cause.

Force yourself to take breaks from writing, such as attending social events are just scheduling a 30-minute walk each day, to get fresh air, rejuvenate your mind, find inspiration for writing topics or to simply break from thinking about writing all the time.

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