How many times should I use a keyword in a blog post in 2020?

Jan 6, 2020   |    By: Dave Polykoff

Trying to figure out how many times to use a keyword in an article isn’t always easy.

Use a keyword too frequently and your search rankings will fall. The same is true if you don’t use a keyword enough.

In other words, your visibility will suffer.

Inserting keywords into your content requires careful balance. The general rule is to keep it to 5 times in a standard post.

Why Keyword Stuffing Can Hurt You

Did you know that Google will penalize you for “keyword stuffing”?

Keyword stuffing is using the keyword repeatedly throughout the content. Basically, using the same word so often that your original content does not read as “natural prose”.

When you do overuse a keyword, Google will lower your rankings so your post is not as visible as you might like.

Lower rankings equates to fewer visitors to your site and this means a loss in potential revenue.

Avoiding Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing can be easily avoided.

It is worth your time to learn how. If you are overstuffing your content with keywords, you lessen the chances of being ranked at the top of a Google search. This makes it harder for potential customers to read your content.

Avoiding keyword stuffing isn’t hard.

You just need to create content that meets the needs of your target audience.

Keywords should be included within the context of the post, without disrupting the post’s flow.

In other words, include your keywords, generally around 5 per post. Make sure that they read naturally.

Keywords And SEO

SEO is an important part of content writing. You don’t want to overload the post but you also don’t want to have too few.

It is a delicate balance.

Just remember, you want the post to read naturally. You don’t want excess keywords cluttering up the post to the point where readers miss the idea you are trying to get across.

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