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Magnus Method is looking for a fitness content script writer


Contract - Posted 8 hours ago


Employment Location

3 - 6 months



Per-Article Payout

Magnus Method is a fitness company founded by Magnus Lygdback, a...

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Food & Drink Writing Job FAQs

Food & drink writers specialize in content related to both the professional and casual culinary scene. They may cover or review top restaurants or create recipes for individuals to try at home. This tends to be a popular niche which often has a great deal of work available.
Becoming a food & drink writer involves a passion for either the culinary scene or a knowledge of how to create your own culinary delights. Getting started can be as easy as putting together recipes or reviews for various food blogs. Make sure you check the ProWirter job board for clients in search of food & drink content.
Food & drink writers can charge a wide range of different rates depending on their expertise and the content in question. Beginning writers might make anywhere from .05-.10/word for a general piece, while more experienced writers may earn .15-.20/word. You'll generally earn much more for content involving your own recipes or reviews of live restaurants or events.

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